MYOMYA srl is a women’s clothing wholesaler founded in 1999, based in Brescia,
Italy. Thanks to our 20-year experience, we are able to identify the seasonal trends.
Thanks to our stylistic fashion skills, we make ready-to-wear items of clothing that satisfy the market demands and always comply with the quality of Italian fabrics and craftsmanship.
We have a total of four headquarters. The main one is Brescia, which represents the roots of our company. Secondly, we have opened a showroom in the fashion capital city: Milan. The showroom in Bologna represents a major breakthrough for the brand’s image. Finally, we have recently opened a facility in Prato, Tuscany.


Our main objective is to expand the brand’s image to the international womenswear market without renouncing our historical values. Myastreet is glamorous in a young and elegant way and offers affordable prices, since fashion is a right for all.
Our garments are made with a great care for fabrics and details, according to the
most innovative trends. They are designed in Italy by highly qualified staff.